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HALO Electronics, Inc. Announces a new series of Isolation Transformers
for Analog Devices’ iCoupler® Digital Isolators

October 22, 2010

Isolation Transformers for Analog Devices iCoupler Digital Isolators

HALO Electronics, Inc. today announced a new series of Isolation Transformers for the new ADuM347x iCoupler® digital isolation products from Analog Devices Inc. HALO’s TGSAD and TGAD series of isolation transformers work alongside the power supply section of the ADuM347x devices and together create a digital isolation circuit effective for industrial Fieldbus isolation, isolation sensor interface and process control applications.

Analog Devices’ ADuM347x digital isolators are the industry’s first to offer an integrated transformer driver, PWM (pulse width modulation) controller and four channel digital isolators in a single package. The ADuM347x family of four channel digital isolators include the ADuM3470, ADuM3471, ADuM3472, ADuM3473 and ADuM3474. For more information please see the iCoupler® digital isolation portfolio section of the Analog Devices’ website.

The HALO TGSAD and TGAD series of toroidal transformers provide high efficiency, 2.5kV or 1.5kV isolation solutions in small, cost effective, 6 pin SMD (surface mount device) packages. These new products have been designed to meet the isolation, ET Constant, OCL and low DCR requirements needed to provide exceptional performance when used with the ADuM347x digital Isolators. The TGSAD series provides supplemental insulation with 2.5kV isolation and is recommended by Analog Devices for use in applications with the ADuM347x. Both the TGSAD and TGAD series are UL/EN60950 and DEMKO recognized. Samples are available from stock to three weeks lead time.

For more information, please contact HALO Electronics, Inc. at (650) 903-3800 or email our technical support team at

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iCoupler is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.

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