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HALO Announces 3kVrms Isolation Transformers Designed Specifically for T.I. ISO721/722 Applications

Press Release: January 30, 2006

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HALO is pleased to announce a new series of 3kVrms isolation transformers for Texas Instruments' high speed digital isolators. Tested and approved by T.I. when used with the ISO721 and ISO722 the HALO TGRTI series is the ideal power transformer for Industrial Fieldbus applications, including Modbus and Profibus, as well as other computer peripheral interfaces.

The TGRTI series of transformers are UL recognized and have been designed to provide 3kVrms isolation voltage utilizing a robust reinforced insulation construction. This 3kVrms isolation construction technique provides significant protection against noise currents from the interface entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive equipment. Samples are available from stock to 3 weeks. Production lead times are 8-10 weeks.

HALO Electronics, Inc. is a leading global supplier of communication magnetics for both LAN and WAN applications. "HALO, through technology leadership, provides next generation solutions today."

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