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New SIP Tele-Pro™

Press Release: February, 2004

Ethernet for Backplane Applications HALO is pleased to announce now the new SIP Tele-Pro™ series of high density T1/E1 modules. These devices have been designed to provide the Network Engineer a complete UL/EN60950 recognized solution meeting the requirements of GR1089 for lightning and power line cross.

The SIP Tele-Pro™ module contains a complete protection circuit including Isolation Transformers, CMR Chokes, Surge Suppression as well as Lightning Strike and Power Line Cross Protection. The SIP Tele-Pro™ is easy to use and will increase the board density by up to 50%. Solutions are available for all popular LIU devices.

The Tele-Pro™ family is a proprietary product. Complete technical data is available under NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) only. Please contact your local HALO Representative for additional information.

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