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Press Release: May 10, 2000

teleproToday, during their International Sales Meeting, HALO unveiled their newest series of industry leading SMD telecom products. The Tele-Pro™ Series is a auto-insertable dual port T1/E1 SMD module, providing our customers a complete protection circuit solution. The module contains isolation transformers, common mode chokes, surge protection diode arrays as well as the lightning and power line cross protection circuitry needed to meet the safety and functional requirements of the multiple telecommunication regulatory bodies.

The Tele-Pro™ has been designed to meet UL1950, IEC950, EN60950, FCC part 68 as well as the requirements of Belcore GR1089 for 1st level lightning and power line cross events. Complete testing and recognition should be completed in Q3 '00.

The module price is competitive with that of a discrete component solution. The customer should realize a true cost savings as a result of the modular approach which saves real estate, reduces component count and reduces the time to market by reducing engineering design time and the need for costly re-spins of prototype boards.

Modules are available for most leading semiconductor LIU's. Complete technical data is available under NDA's (non-disclosure agreements) only. Customers should contact their local representatives for more information.

HALO Electronics is a leader in communications magnetics for the LAN/WAN industry providing next generation solutions today. HALO is a global supplier with worldwide facilities employing well over 1,500 people.

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