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AUI / COAX Magnetics

The HALO standard series of Coax Isolation Modules have been designed to specifically address the isolation requirements of IEEE 802.3 for 10BASE2 and 10BASE5 network circuits utilizing the most compact packages for real estate sensitive applications. The AUI/Coax Selector Guide will help you select the correct magnetic component modules.

DIL AUI Isolation Modules

DIL AUI Isolation Modules

16 pin DIL and DIP packages.

SMD AUI Isolation Modules

SMD AUI Isolation Modules

16 pin SOIC footprint.

DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters

Low cost series of 2 watt DC/DC Converters.

'TNT' Complete Thin Net Transceiver Modules

"TNT" Complete Thin Net Transceiver Modules

A complete "On-Board" Thin Net solution that allows significantly reduced real estate and component count requirements for 10BASE2 network designs.

AUI / Coax Selector Guide

LAN Chip AUI Isolation Modules
Mfg. Part Numbers 16 Pin DIP 16 Pin SOIC
AMD Am7996 TD01-0756K TG01-0756N
Crystal CS83C92 TD01-1006K TG01-1006N
Fujitsu MBL8392 TD01-1006K TG01-1006N
Myson MTD492 TD01-1006K TG01-1006N
NSC DP8392 TD01-1006K TG01-1006N
Phillips NE8392C TD01-0756K TG01-0756N
Phillips NE83Q92 TD01-0756K TG01-0756N
Phillips NE83Q93 TD01-0756K TG01-0756N
Seeq 83C92 TD01-1006K TG01-1006N
TDK TSC78Q8392 TD01-1006K TG01-1006N

  1. HALO manufactures a complete line of DC/DC Converters for Thin Net (Cheaper Net) applications.
  2. HALO Electronics also offers a complete line of Thin Net Transceiver (TNT) Modules which include the DC/DC Converter, AUI Transformers, 8392, and most glue components.

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